Update – My Meditation Diary subdomain added to The Villages

Diary Entry #2

Early technical issues sorted and I am getting a good flow going with my entries. My first proper subdomain, ‘My Meditation Diary‘ developed naturally from The Villages Meditation Group. It acts like a separate website in most ways. Wondering if it might have been better if I had done it on this site rather than setting up a completely separate site. The way it runs is that I do a meditation then I journal the experience. Turns out that all sorts of things are springing forward since the meditation seems to tap into an almost infinite reservoir of ideas and inspiration.


Diary Entry #3

Up to meditation entry #18 on the meditation entries. The cold weather hit me hard and I have moved locations because it got too cold. Now in the back porch, still meditating but have taken a few days break on the entries as I am falling behind on my oher challenges.

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