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“Eric Fisher’s landmark and masterful book brings the understanding of the care and cultivation
of the plant world back to its proper place by tying it to the cycles of nature. By
weaving the biological sciences with the newer sciences of quantum physics and chaos
theory, and then finishing up by making a case for ideas inherent in biodynamics, Eric
demonstrates in a holistic manner how we can not only repair the plant world, but also
repair our relationship to the natural world, and in essence, repair the entire world.”
Michael Wayne, Ph.D., L.Ac., author, The Quantum Revolution

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“An observer can easily distinguish the clean intricate
patterns of holistically grown produce from the broken and coarse patterns
of old or conventionally grown produce. The analogy of a photograph of a jigsaw
with pieces missing and slightly out of focus, compared to one that is complete
and in clear focus, could be made to illustrate this difference. The consciousness
naturally spots between the two patterns a teleological impression that appears
to aspire towards an involuted and intricate order. The organic plant achieves
this mysterious becoming better than the non-organic one….”

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