Meditation, Cider and Subdomains – Writing Diary Entry #1

This is a series of writing diary notes detailing my intentions for the sites I am developing. Partly for my own use as a change from scribbling illegibly on pieces of paper which I may mislay.

Setting up subdomains for cider and a writing diary, already a few processes I have to deal with. Find my domain provider for and point the subdomains from there. I used and found it to be Automatticc. No that is not a spelling mistake. It is all entwined with creepy and they seem to be making it really difficult to access since I exported to Think I want to transfer the domain rather than go round in circles in which it seems to work through.

My new meditation website ‘The Villages Meditation Group‘ is developing well need to build up the posts and build backlinks and traffic. I have also set up a discussion forum ‘The Perfumed Garden Meditation Forum‘ and am trying to think up interesting topics. Not sure if this is not counter productive but I found out later that ‘The Perfumed Garden’ is actually an old Indian text like the Karma Sutra!


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