About Eric’s Book Blog (Compost Teas..) …celebrate self reliance

About Eric's book compost teas

An early talk about Compost Teas

About Eric’s Book….

This blog started it’s life to promote and support my new book ‘Compost teas….’ in 2019. This book has developed a life of its own now and with the professional work of my published, Permanent Publications, is out there now and is getting established. Many of the pages are dedicated to this and its topics. However my activities in the world continue to develop and I hope this blog now shows some reflection of my new activities along with the book promotion which is still going strong. This would include  more blogging, web building, cider making and house flipping.

About Eric's book compost teas for the organic grower

Feedback ‘compost teas’

Regarding ‘Compost Teas’ ..If you had a go at anything in this work, I would be very interested to find out how you got on.  If you have any other feedback, critiques, questions about this book or any of the topics around it, I would be delighted if you discussed it with me. You can leave comments on my ‘Talk to the Author‘ page or email me at efish707@gmail.com .

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