Encyclopedia of Cult Leaders Who didn’t quite make it – Book 1 Free

Cult leaders who didn’t quite make it….

This Is Book 1 (A-D) of a series done in alphabetical order and for a limited time can be obtained free here. You occasionally see cult leaders on the news making outrageous claims and doing crazy things to what seems like adoring followers. But they are smiling so hard it is like it is painted on.

They might have gone past ‘Doomsday’…

These are the rockstars of the cult world they have got their game down, however misguided or inspired it is. Very probably the followers don’t see it as a cult they see it as an awesome world liberating movement and for some people, sometimes it is.

What interests me are the screw ups and wannabes who didn’t quite get there, who aspired to greatness but alas fell short. Maybe they lacked the charisma, maybe they didn’t step up when ‘Doomsday’ came and passed, whatever the schism it did not quite work.

Cult leaders who didn't quite make it

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