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This is where it all started I set up the site initially to help promote my book ‘Compost Teas’ for the Organic Grower’. I had done many , many sites before but this is where things started to get serious. I had set it up at first on wordpress com, but I despised the restrictions so I exported to and never looked back from then. The site then continued to develop as did other things in life. Like writing more books, house flipping and making cider.

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This subdomain site was set up to help sell my current renovation house. This play also developed into another affiliate play on the side with discussions of my renovation journey and which tools were useful for me. Along with this process I got my head around using Google Maps to help put my newly for sale house on the map. In addition I opened the possibility for other home sellers in Hu6 to sell their property. Bear in mind that subdomains, at least the I set them up work as separate sites.

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My newest site and still very much a work in progress. I occasionally like to get away from the computer. Yes shocking I know this describes my experiences – good, bad and ugly. This was also another opportunity to play around with google Maps and Google cloud.

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After unravelling classless insights I was !looking for a fine lens to improve my sites so I looked to Ahrefs. I have been hitting 100% on this metric, but not without some effort !

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This is the main site of my meditation group currently has around 20k subscriptions. I used this site to make branches into subdomains which act like separate websites. The subdomains have rather different themes and goals. It seemed to me that each subdomain needed a different kind of treatment to the main site.

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This was a site set up to help sell the vast amount of esoteric books I have accumulated. This later developed into an affiliate play which I am still developing.

This was the logo I designed using AI for my book site.

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Click on the logo to check out Ibis Reads home page

My Meditation Diary – Https://

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I set up this site to put down my experiences of meditation practice. I like the process of writing but not ‘analogue’. Guess that makes me a digital native. My hand writing is illegible, even to me and after a few months becomes like translating heiroglyphics. Doing made me reflect on previous experiences which shall we say are a touch borderline.

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PLEASE NOTE : I have been doing some freelancing on Upwork. If you want a fun easy gig check this out : Fun Gig on Upwork (click safe)

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If you like these sites and would like to set up one of your own, send me an email ( and I’ll send you a link. If you go with the link I’ll help you get set up on Hostinger my favourite hosting station and get you past the teething stages. There is a lot to think about when setting up a website. A thousand questions – Why are you setting it up ? What do you want from it ? Do you you wanna be a rock star ? and so on. My aim is always to get performance 100 percent.

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