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With Feng Shui for Chaotic Mystics, a friend might suggest that I am a person uniquely in need of creating a positive creative space rather than the unsavoury pockets that gradually develop around me. They threaten to completely engulf. Some people are what psychologists describe as ‘inwardly directed’. They are often highly focussed and don’t really care about what is going on in their immediate surroundings. This is about my rehabilitation.

chaotic mystics mandelbrot order and chaos
Mandelbrot : Beauty from Chaos

I suggest that ‘Chaotic Mystics’ are individuals who may be drawn to spiritual or mystical practices but perhaps struggle with traditional order or structure. They might have a more free-spirited or unconventional approach to spirituality. Here’s how the concept of chaotic mystics could apply to Feng Shui:

Feng Shui for Chaotic Mystics

  1. Creative Interpretations: They can approach Feng Shui with a creative and open-minded perspective, interpreting its principles in unique and unconventional ways. They may see Feng Shui not as rigid rules to follow but as a framework for personal expression and exploration.
  2. Intuitive Practices: These people rely more on intuition and inner guidance rather than strict adherence to traditional Feng Shui guidelines. They might trust their instincts to arrange their space in a way that feels energetically harmonious to them, even if it deviates from conventional Feng Shui principles.
  3. Embracing Imperfection: Rather than striving for perfect Feng Shui, chaotic mystics might embrace the beauty of imperfection and asymmetry in their living spaces. They may see the messiness of life as an integral part of the journey and find ways to work with it rather than against it.
  4. Personalized Rituals: They may incorporate personalized rituals and practices into their Feng Shui routines, infusing their space with meaning and intention based on their individual spiritual beliefs and experiences.
  5. Embracing Change: Instead of seeking static perfection in their environment, chaotic mystics may embrace the ever-changing nature of energy and life. They might regularly adjust their space according to their evolving needs and insights, viewing Feng Shui as a dynamic process rather than a fixed destination.

Overall, “Feng Shui for Chaotic Mystics” could offer a fresh perspective on Feng Shui, inviting individuals to explore its principles in a way that resonates with their unique spiritual path and temperament. It could emphasize creativity, intuition, and personal empowerment in creating spaces that support holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

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Feng Shui Bells

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Q & A regarding Feng Shui for Chaotic Mystics

What does Feng Shui actually mean in English ?

It means ‘wind and water’. Yes… I know it is unfortunate that the English translation can have many unintended connotations according to the Mandarin version. But staying on a sober level we can say that from the English traditions we could proselytise into the five metaphysical elements of the pentagram – earth, fire, air, water and spirit (Feng Shui Institute). For the original Mandarin conception which has been around for thousands of years we have fire, earth, metal, water, and wood (Morris)

What are the 8 Trigrams related to Feng Shui ?

Same as Bagua. It is eight symbols which are supposed to illustrate the nature of reality. This is presented as being made of mutually opposing forces which reinforce one another (Feng Shui Institute)

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What is going on with Feng Shui mirrors ?

In traditional Feng Shui it is used to balance an area with the metal element.

In Feng Shui what is the metal element ?

Metal element in Feng Shui relates to physical metal eg. gold. It could be large structures like bridges or items in the home like candle sticks, metal chandeliers. Personally you can increment your Metal if with gold or silver jewellery.

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