Encyclopedia of Cult Leaders Who didn’t quite make it – Book 1 Free

Book 2. – E to H

In Book 2 we discuss E-H of ‘Cult leaders…’ and look at some significant topics as they arise in the text. These are ‘why do cult leaders use deadlines in their practices even if it is doomed to fail ?’ and ‘What is a Subcult’ and ‘Stockholm Syndrome and Cults.’ I found these digressions interesting and I think they add to the text

Book 2 e- h

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…sometimes a cult gets a wee bit out of control and the leader starts getting a few delusions of grandeur. You know the score, he is the chosen one, he is a prophet yadda yadda. The leader might, (because he is the only one who matters or even exists right ?) want to exert to special coercion and mind ****ery to members deemed worthy of some extra attention. So, genius idea, start a secret cult within the cult, yup that’ll work.

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