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Photo of a stereotypical author. Youngish with a hat on holding a whisky in front of an old fashioned typewriter.

Compost Teas for the Organic Grower by Eric Fisher

Talk to the Author Blog (Compost Teas…)

Permies Review

Free Taster Ebook of Compost Teas..

Buy a copy of Compost Teas… (Permanent Publications)

The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes by Eric Fisher

Buy a copy of ‘The Little Black Book…’ on Amazon

Talk to the Author (….Stereotypes)

Ongoing Projects :

Water Gardens for Beauty and Sustainability

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If you have a rig and want to mine some crypto or want to have a go at buying some hashing power this is a popular choice. If you click my link I can help you with confusing aspects of getting set up. Click HERE to proceed.


Cex.Io. Buy some BTC or other cryptocurrency using your Visa or Mastercard. It IS a pain to setup, but it’s the same with every exchange. If you click from here I will try and help if you get stuck.


Bitcoin Exchange CEX.IO

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