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The Villages Meditation Group

The Founder of ‘The Villages Meditation Group‘ ( – This was intended as a small meditation group set up for informal meets in scenic locations. However the website is kicking off and is pushing in directions I had never intended which is shocking good fun. It is getting a bit out of control rather which may not be a bad thing.

Lotus Flower
The Villages Meditation Group


My Meditation Diary

Developing from ‘The Villages’ I have extended it to a subdomain ‘My Meditation Diary’. Getting great flow with approach and have been building it up a brick at a time.

my meditation diary. cult leader

The Encyclopedia of Cult Leaders (who didn’t quite make it)

Just put out a new book on Amazon Free for a limited period, ‘The Encyclopedia of Cult Leaders Who Didn’t Quite Make It A-D. Check my new post on here

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