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With Talk to the Author Blog – Tea Time !

If you have a go at anything in this work, I would be very interested to find
out how you got on. If you have any other feedback, critiques, questions about this book or any of the topics around it, this is one place where you can make your views known.

Excerpts :

“An observer can easily distinguish the clean intricate
patterns of holistically grown produce from the broken and coarse patterns
of old or conventionally grown produce. The analogy of a photograph of a jigsaw
with pieces missing and slightly out of focus, compared to one that is complete
and in clear focus, could be made to illustrate this difference. The consciousness
naturally spots between the two patterns a teleological impression that appears
to aspire towards an involuted and intricate order. The organic plant achieves
this mysterious becoming better than the non-organic one….”

I am running workshops and doing guest talks in connection with topics related to my book. Talks and activities could cover many topics around alternative agriculture including permaculture, indicator plants, companion plants, beneficial and essential elements, organic growing, seedballs, composting, compost teas, no-till. Feel free to contact me.

Email – Linked-in – Eric Fisher

***Check out my question/answer sessions on Permies and check out my book Wiki on there.

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3 thoughts on “Talk to the Author Blog”

  1. Hello Eric
    I am editor of the Biodynamic Association magazine Star and Furrow. I came across your book on the permaculture website. Then yesterday I saw that you refer to crystallisation pictures. Would you be interested in a book review in our magazine?
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


  2. Dear Mr Swann,

    Thanks for getting in touch here. I’ve only just got going with this blog, so your response came as a nice surprise. I would be delighted if you did a book review, I’ll get in touch with my publishers and ask them to send you a pdf. Regarding the biocrystallisation I’m so glad you picked up on this, it seems to be generating quite some interest. I am just in the process of doing some research in this area and will be putting the results out here. The book takes an open minded stance regarding Biodynamics and Appendix 2 is given over entirely to BD preparations.

    We’ll be in touch shortly. Best Wishes Eric.

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