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  • Q & A on Composting. https://Permies.Com

    Permies forum. Check it out and register they are doing a lot of interesting things on there. Click on my book forum Wiki. Related Permies Threads What Types of Compost Teas Exist? Any Favorite Recipes?   By Dave Burton Understanding the Context Around Composting and Compost Teas. By Dave Burton Compost Teas by Eric Fisher.  Permies…

  • Key Groups in Compost Teas

    Compost teas are a small but potentiall very significant field in supporting plants and soil. Certain organistaions really stand out globally. There are rather a lot of references in my book which may obscure the keys players listed below. USDA The United States Department of Agriculture. They were very helpful and supportive with no gain…

  • Contact and Links for Eric and Compost Teas

    You are welcome to contact me through my links below on anything book related. Best Wishes E Contact and Links Eric Fisher MSc BSc (Hons), Yorkshire, Uk. Email : efish707@efish707 Author Outline and Back Cover Author Page on Amazon : Buy on Amazon (Permanent Publications) : Eric’s Book Blog (Talk to the Author)…

  • Growing with the Patterns of Nature

    ‘The consciousness naturally spots between the two patterns a teleological impression that appears to aspire towards an involuted and intricate order. The organic plant achieves this mysterious becoming better than the non-organic oneā€¦.’

  • Author Outline and Back Cover for Compost Teas

    “Nothing happens in living nature that is not in relation to the whole” Goethe in ‘Compost Teas for the Organic Grower’ pp.7.