The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes

The use of stereotypes have some surprising applications and can be very powerful tools when used in the right way. They have been harnessed by nation states to manipulate populations and by individuals in conversation to introduce some fun or controversy. This material is dynamite if you  have an interest in daygame or do stand-up. If you are a business person on a European trip there is plenty of material to get a quick handle on the various traits and idiosyncrasies associated with our continental neighbours. It would also come in handy to readers of  general studies, media studies and sociology. 

  Yorkshire author Eric Fisher sporting his flat cap and whippet leads you through Europe by population size to some of the well known and then less celebrated areas. You’ll be surprised at what you find there.

  This booklet uses an alphabetical format for each country so the casual reader can dip in and quickly check out the European country of choice.


Austria – Civil Courage and Work Against Racism. A united Network Organisation

Belarus (stereotypes) (emerald cats)


Italy : Most popular Italian Operas :