Month: May 2019

  • Talk to the Author Blog

    “An observer can easily distinguish the clean intricate patterns of holistically grown produce from the broken and coarse patterns of old or conventionally grown produce. The analogy of a photograph of a jigsaw with pieces missing and slightly out of focus, compared to one that is complete and in clear focus, could be made to illustrate this difference. The consciousness naturally spots between the two patterns a teleological impression that appears to aspire towards an involuted and intricate order. The organic plant achieves this mysterious becoming better than the non-organic one….”

  • Key Groups in Compost Teas

    Compost teas are a small but potentiall very significant field in supporting plants and soil. Certain organistaions really stand out globally. There are rather a lot of references in my book which may obscure the keys players listed below. USDA The United States Department of Agriculture. They were very helpful and supportive with no gain […]