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You are welcome to contact me through my links below on anything book related. Best Wishes E


Eric Fisher MSc BSc (Hons), Yorkshire, Uk.

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Permies Wiki for ‘Compost Teas’ :

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Permanent Publications

Free Ebook as a supplement to the hardcopy :

Publisher’s Info :

Uk. Now in Print :

USA pre-order (5th July) :

Canada pre-order (10th July) :

Influential People featured in ‘Compost Teas’

Dr Elaine Ingham – Compost Tea Brewing Manual :

T. Fleisher (Director at Battery Park City Authority) – Interviews :

Dr Gavin Lishman (Director of Martin Lishman Ltd) – Interviews :

Professor Charles C. Mitchell (Auburn University) – Tillage Studies

Professor Margaret Tuttle McGrath of (Cornell University) -Compost Tea Studies

Dr Mark S. Hoddle, (University of California) – Encarsia formosa

Helen Atthowe – Soil Testing. Biodesign Farm, Stevensville

Significant Organisations featured in ‘Compost Teas’

USDA – Soil Testing

USDA – Soil Triangle : https: //  

Soil Association :

The Royal Horticultural Society :

Garden Organic (formerly Henry Doubleday Research Association) :

Natural History Museum :

The Rudolf Steiner Archive :

***NEW *** I will be doing question and answer sessions on Permies from the 22nd July (2019) for seven days. Check out my book Wiki on Permies.

Local Links

My local bookshop stocking ‘Compost Teas’

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Steiner – Timing seed planting by observing nature …not the calendar.

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